DeVine's strategy was born out of a disciplined and formal methodology process.

We know from experience that a disciplined, finite process actually creates the freedom to do great design work. Extended deadlines and budget overages can never make up for the flawed process that causes them in the first place. That is why DeVine always starts with a strategic vision phase. This allows the client to start with a clear outline of the project. Our coordination and design leadership will keep the project on schedule, on budget, and clearly focused on its design objectives at every step. Our systems integration and development strategy are fully CMM compliant.

Phase 1: Strategy

During the strategy phase, we work with clients to jointly identify and assign priorities to the areas where technologies can deliver the highest return on the client’s investment. Before defining system requirements, the DeVine team must understand the business objectives of the project’s executive sponsors. In an initial workshop, the project team will work with the executive sponsors to identify and prioritize the project’s business objectives. Metrics for measuring project success will be identified, and the overall scope will be determined. By setting initial expectations concerning project schedule, budget, and feature-set, we can help monitor scope creep throughout the requirements definition process and advise you appropriately.

Phase 2: Requirements

DeVine has developed a thorough, well-defined methodology for conducting requirements definition engagements. This methodology makes extensive use of collaborative, facilitated workshops in which the client and the development project teamwork jointly to define the project’s requirements. This process results in a complete understanding of the project team’s objectives. Because the entire client and project teams are in the same room as decisions are being made, the time normally consumed by chasing down authorization and building consensus is eliminated. Most importantly, the entire group reaches a state of shared vision, resulting in a finished product of the highest quality.

Following this requirements definition project, DeVine will accurately scope and price the development project and provide you with a bid for the remainder of the project work.

Phase 3: Design

During the design phase, we build and integrate working solutions based upon the blueprint and composites produced prior. We produce code and systems that integrate all necessary programs and components.

Phase 4: Construction

During the construction phase, we will build the solution based on the blueprint and composites produced during the design phase. We produce, code, and integrate all necessary systems, programs, and components.

The project manager is in regular contact with the client, providing status and solicit feedback during this phase. Depending on the project’s complexity, regularly scheduled meetings or teleconferences can be used to formalize discussion of the project’s progress.

Phase 5: Implementation

Let the show begin! In the Implementation phase, DeVine turns the beta into a tested and fully operational solution.

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