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Envision an innovative, fast-paced technology firm where the creation of C4ISR solutions is only surpassed by developing a talented, multi-faceted team of professionals. Where contributing to the future and working towards comprehensive solutions is a way of life. Something DeVine is happening here. If you are ready to drive head-on into the technology challenges of tomorrow, then we want you to join our team. Our staff includes technology specialists and dedicated business development personnel. We are a strong-minded, talented group of individuals who actively collaborate to deliver the best technology solutions to our clients. We are serious business consultants and expect the best from our staff. But don’t be intimidated by the challenge in front of you. Work is all about learning – and DeVine plans to grow right along with you.

It’s more than just a job.

Join DeVine where you know your role matters, and your work affects people’s daily lives around the world. We go out of our way to ensure our team is happy, healthy, and productive!

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