Jeffrey DeVine founded DeVine Consulting in 1998.

Our Mission

We see a world where all of life is woven together. A new world. We strive to bring you to that world by providing empowering solutions.

To Enlighten

Through our work, we get to see the future on an almost daily basis. It’s a rare privilege, to say the least, not only for us but for our clients as well. They benefit from our insights into emerging trends and groundbreaking technologies as much as us, and we gladly share our knowledge with them. However, we realize that many organizations are unprepared to meet this ever-approaching future and are, therefore, ill-equipped to tap its untold power. For whatever reasons, be it a lack of guidance, fear of unknown risks, or simply a distaste for change, we’ve seen many opportunities for greatness go begging. So when we say, “One of our chief goals is to enlighten,” we mean that. We help our clients to see inherent change, not as simply a menace to be avoided, but as a unique chance to make themselves an industry leader.

To Enable

Opening one’s eyes is only the first step on the road to greatness. While the pursuit of excellence is both dangerous and never-ending, we are a vigilant guide. Having helped chart the courses of many before, we are both knowledgeable regarding potential obstacles and resourceful in solving immediate dilemmas. Not only that, but as we lead, we consider each step anew, asking ourselves, “Is there a better way – something we haven’t considered – what’s missing – what if…?” In this way, we empower those who previously thought success unobtainable to reach their goals.

To Empower

Many in our field who guide their clients to a success of a kind do so with the caveat of perpetual dependence. This is simply not our philosophy of a job well-done. While we have kept long-term relationships with several of our valued clients, our goal is always to equip clients in a way that leads to self-sufficiency. If once having achieved certain goals, our clients still require our presence to maintain that success, we have neither enlightened nor enabled, let alone empowered them. Empowerment is a place where that which has been accomplished can be continued and built upon. Of course, many come back to us, so we can help them climb higher still.

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