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Big Data Analytics Capabilities

With hundreds of stations, thousands of observation reports, and millions of discrete data points, weather data is the definition of “Big Data.” Combine this with millions upon millions of pieces of historical weather data, and you have really, really Big Data!

DeVine understands the demands of military operation planners in predicting the weather at any time and any point on Earth. The successful conduct of missions, from humanitarian relief airdrops to the surveillance around troop positions, depends on predicting weather conditions accurately. Our Big Data expertise allowed us to assist the US Navy in their Meteorology and Oceanography (METOC) projects by developing a system to provide quick access and analytics.

In developing this capability for the Navy, DeVine:

  • Architected a distributed big data system to ingest, store, and provide capabilities to perform analytics on given data.
  • Developed a REST API to allow clients to retrieve data through a standardized set of URLs.
  • Provided a basic interface to view data. The client will utilize the REST API and display/utilize the data as they see fit.

Our ability to perform this critical and enormous Big Data effort proves we have what it takes for just about any Big Data technology requirement.

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